You need more time

Get pre-trained global marketers. Fast.

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Hey there - it's Brian 👋

I’m excited.

I’m smirking as I type this out to you.


Because I’ve been silently getting something ready for you.

I actually typed this out a few weeks ago, but I wasn’t ready to share it with you.

Today I am.

So when you run a business… everyone wants your time.

90% of businesses fail.

So succeeding means you buy your time back from the little things.

And you invest your time focused on the things that actually grow your business.

Because there’s a long list of things you do that eat your time:

  • DMs

  • Comments

  • Writing emails

  • Finding leads

  • Writing posts

  • Managing chats

  • Updating CRMs

  • Customer support

  • Scheduling social content

  • Creating marketing reports

You need your time back.

So what we do is simple:

We help agencies and professional service businesses find, hire, and pay the best global marketing talent.

We have incredible marketers at 70% the cost of US equivalents.

But here’s the REAL exciting part…

Most global talent (think: VA) has quality issues.

And solving quality issues just eats more time:

➟ They don’t get the details right.
➟ They can’t problem solve on their own.
➟ It takes longer to fix their problems than to just do it yourself.

So we’ve fixed that.

We find you marketing talent that thinks on their own.

We train them.

Then spend 30 days working alongside them to solve any quality issues.

We even help you onboard them.

Because we’re here to give you an extra 100 hours a month.

Want your time back?

See you next Thursday 👋

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P.P.S. Here’s a few examples of marketers who can help: