Meet Brian

Brian has advised 100s of executives on strategy and decision-making both as a management consultant at Deloitte and as an independent advisor.

He's helped executives clarify the moves to grow their business.

Here's a few projects he's done:

• Crafted pricing strategy for a $1B+ SaaS company
• Built new businesses for a $1B+ tech company
• Helped companies enter new countries
• Merged hospital systems and Fintechs
• Created and launched 50+ products
• Ran workshops with 100s of people

Now he shares lessons from these experiences online. He's also writing a book on making strategic business decisions.

These lessons have built him 81,000 followers. And 14,000 readers receive his weekly emails.

Brian is on a mission to help 1 million business executives become better strategic decisions to grow their business by 2028.

If you want to work with Brian, email him at [email protected].