Should you hire marketers?

My semi-controversial take

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Hey there - it's Brian 👋

I’m still in Puerto Rico.

But the past few weeks I’ve been obsessed with getting back to Medellin (Colombia).

You can walk anywhere. There’s salsa dancing every day. But the one thing I miss the most…

The people.

It’s a bunch of founders who want to support each other’s businesses.

So today I’m writing to you about people.

Specifically I want to help you build people into your marketing systems (so you get your time back).

This is for you if you’re feeling like you’re working harder.
• Sleeping less.
• Your calendar is packed.
• You can’t find more time in the day.

But… your business just isn’t growing like you expect.

(Are you feeling that way?

Because if your calendar is packed, but your business isn’t growing you’re either doing the wrong things or you don’t have enough leverage.)

We just need to figure out the right things to do. Then ask the right people to do it.

But who are the “right people?”

Because that was obvious 6 months ago. It’s not so obvious today.

I’ll explain in a sec.

Okay. It’s time to get your time back.

Let’s make your business an outlier: 👇

How do you get your time back?

What’s an extra 100 hours a month worth to you?

$7k / month? $15k / month?

If you’ve an agency or service-based business owner, I’m building a talent hub to get you on-shore marketing skills at off-shore costs.

Media Buyers, Content Writers, Social Managers, Designers etc.

I’m giving you a private invite for being a loyal newsletter reader.

Get $1,000 off for early access here.

So who are the “right people?”

41,698 content writing jobs disappeared in the last 12 months.

What the… 🤯

But wait. There’s so much content online. It can’t be that marketing jobs are going away.


Because they’re not.

They’re just changing. FAST.

Study from SEMRUSH. 41,698 content jobs disappeared.

12 months ago you needed an on-shore, highly specialized employee doing marketing.

But today, businesses hand off-shore marketers AI tools and instructions to follow them.

And the results are wild.

Pair someone with AI tools and they give you the results that you used to need to pay $85,000 a year to get.

So business owners are taking down the 41,698 writing job postings and getting the job done with AI.

Because (in most cases) we don’t need to pay $70,000 for a writer anymore when you can save $35k to have an off-shore marketer type in a prompt.

Imagine saving $35k.

Say you can get a customer for $200. That’s 175 new customers!

What’s 175 customers worth to you?

$30,000? $50,000?

So businesses who make this shift will explode. The others will get left behind.

But there’s one thing you do not offshore.

Imagine you run a train

I love this analogy from Shaan Puri:

Imagine you run a train.

You need people to make your business a reality. So…

Decides where to lay the tracks.

Builds the tracks. Runs the train.

The magic ratio is roughly 1 decision-maker to 10 track builders.

(I’ve heard as high as 1:20. But that feels too high.)

Do not off-shore your strategic thinking.

Get more off-shore people to build your tracks so it frees up your time to make more strategic choices.

That’s the stuff that moves the needle on your business.

The better your tech & systems are, the more track builders you can add.

And the tech gets better every day.

Ready for my hot take on what our marketing future looks like with this tech? 👇

What does the future of marketing look like

The future of marketing is cyborgs.

Off-shore talent that runs the AI-marketing systems.

We’re still 4 - 6 months away, but we’re starting to see early signs of it (like the 41,698 content writer job postings that disappeared).

Off-shore paired with AI is beginning to handle cases that were only done by $85,000 employees!

But anyway.

Forget AI.

It’s just a buzzword for “tech that’s really good.

Everything I’ve told you is useless if you don’t have basic systems built.

You need people in your business before you can hand them tech.

Want your time back?

Do you want marketing employees in your business, fast?

Media Buyers, Content Writers, Social Managers, Designers etc.

Whether you believe in the AI future or you just need marketers today, I got you.

Get $1,000 off for early access here.

See you next Thursday 👋

P.S. I gave in.

I booked my flight back to Medellin this weekend.

I’m hooked. Just look at how beautiful the city looks from this viewpoint:

(Oh and if you’re asking about the red mark on my face?

Long story. But a clown came to my dinner table.

She kissed me on the forehead. You had to be there. 😆)

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