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Hey there - it's Brian 👋

Today, I'll show you a simple trick to differentiate your business when you're sharing ideas online (using ChatGPT).

When you share general ideas, customers can't clearly tell what makes your business the different. Meaning they:• Take too long to buy from you• Easily switch to competitors• Demand lower prices

But it's hard hard to come up with new perspectives to share, so most businesses recycle the same ideas everyone else has.

So I'll show you ways to differentiate your ideas, quickly: 👇

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The two ways to generate unique ideas that differentiate your business

Imagine you run a website builder.

Website builders face a lot of competition (quick Google search gave me this list of 52 website builders).

So, when you're building an online presence, how do you post ideas that differentiate  your business (when every other website builder is saying the same things)?

I've got good news: you don't need an entirely new idea, you just need to take your generic idea and apply it in new ways.

2 ways to make your generic idea more unique:1) Make it broader - apply your generic idea to a new situation2) Go more in depth - take the implication of your generic idea (a few levels deeper)

It's minimal effort, but no one does it so it makes YOU stand out.

Make it broad - how to apply your generic idea to new situations

You're building an online presence for your business (this example: a website builder).

So your goal is to inspire customers to build a web page (and build it with you).

Nike does this same strategy - they inspire customers to live an active lifestyle, and their clothing is just the tool that support's the customer's dream.

So to inspire your customers, show them a wide range of situations where they may not have thought to build a web page.

3 examples:• A jewelry merchant launches a pop-up shop• A liquor company advertising a collaboration with a regional airline• A sunglass company promotes their new social responsibility program

I wish I could tell you I came up with these examples, but I promised you that you'd come up with ideas fast.

So use ChatGPT to come up with new situations faster. Here's the prompt I used to get these ideas. Copy paste them into ChatGPT to get started for yourself:

Imagine you're a website builder for brick and mortar small businesses (in retail).

Give me a list of 7 one-time events where a small business owner would want to create a web page.


• A landing page for a new product

• To bring in customers for a grand opening

• Offer a new promotion on discount

Prioritize situations that are:

• Very few people know about

• Industry specific

• Used by retail small businesses (brick and mortar)

Make a list of different applications for your business that you can share online. Then, start sharing stories of how these applications help solve customer problems.

Go more in depth - how to come up with implications your customer hasn't thought of

Now, you can also take your generic idea and come up with a reason for doing it that's so much more thoughtful than everyone else.

Most website builders say "we'll help you build a website." Here's a screenshot from Wix's landing page.

Side note: I like how clear it is, but I don't think consistent with their positioning (here's a previous issue on positioning).


There's 1,000+ ways to say "we'll help you build a website" so for your business let's say it in a way that's deeper.

Let's ask WHY the customer wants a website:

To grow my online presence

- Why?

2. My online presence will get me more customers.

- Why?

3. More customers means more sales.

- Why?

4. More sales mean more cash in my pocket.

- Why?

5. More cash in my pocket means I'm not looked at as a failed business person

- Why?

6. My reputation is strong in my community

You can share any of the above phrases to connect with your audience in a different way.

Now, just like we did with the broad topic, we want to make the idea generation fast for you, so steal these phrases below to paste into ChatGPT:

I'm going to give you a phrase.

Take that phrase, ask yourself "why?" Then, answer your question ("why?").

The answer to your question is going to be your new phrase.

Then, repeat with that new phrase. Do that 5 times.

Answer "why" from the perspective of a retail, brick and mortar small business owner. 

Here's the phrase: "I want to make a website."

Share new ideas to become a thought leader

So when you build your online presence - make it different.

Give customers unique insights so they remember your brand and you'll be able to charge a premium.

That's a wrap!

If you feel you're struggling to differentiate your business online, reply to this email with your challenge. Happy to point you to resources to help.

I read every email.

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See you next Thursday 👋


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