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Hey there - it's Brian 👋

I have a confession…

I’m a bit of a control freak.

I’m obsessed with making sure everyone who works with me has a 10x better experience than anyone else they’ve worked with.

But quality is hard to scale!

So how do you scale?

Everyone tells you to delegate.

But I think that’s missing the point.

See, no one knows your business as well as you do. It’s your baby.

So I’d rather talk about “systems.”

Systems are just delegating AND the processes + tech that keep delegating at a high quality.

So today we’ll cover:

  • How I got over my fear of delegation to build my first system

  • A peek behind the scenes at one of my marketing systems (with processes I used at Deloitte)

  • How to build your first marketing systems (so your growth can scale without needing more of your time)

Let’s make your business an outlier: 👇

How I got over my fear of delegation (& built systems)

So back to me being a control freak.

I take pride in incredible customer experience. So I worried that as I scale it would be harder to keep high quality.

But if I wanted to make my growth lessons accessible to 1M business owners I need to scale.

So when I was at Deloitte I built systems for Fortune 500s with growing pains. We called them “Operating Models.”

They sound complex, but it’s just a map of the steps a company needs to do to hit their goals.

I’ll give you a real example:
This SaaS company grew to over $1B in revenue, but their systems were terrible.

So bad that every month… they asked customers for the wrong amount of money!

Customers left.

I built them this system so they can keep their customers as they scale.

And the process I used to build their system is the same process I use to make my own marketing systems (and systems for clients).

So the control freak in me can actually keep quality while we scale.

So what is a system?

A system is just a list of steps you need to do to make your goal a reality.

It’s getting your business to operate like a conveyor belt.

Sure you can hand-make things.

But when you have more customers, you start to make mistakes and you can’t grow quickly.

So we need to know 3 things for each step in your conveyor belt:

1) What’s the action?
2) Who does it?
3) How?

I’m a visual person so I love to see things in a process flow.

Example of a basic system in FigJam

In our case, what steps do you need to do to get customers on the internet?

🧔🏻‍♂️ Brian’s nerdy side rant:

I like to save “by when” for the details later on.

These systems get complex FAST.

But I won’t judge if you repeatable deadlines in there too.

Example: “every Monday…”

How do you actually build marketing systems?

Systems can get complex fast.

So for marketing - always start with just one channel.

Get that channel to work. Then add on other parts later.

So for Marketing systems specifically there’s 3 stages:

1) How do strangers on the internet find out about you?
Choose one channel to get strangers to find out about you:
• LinkedIn/Twitter/Instagram
• Ads

Vote at the end if you want an issue on choosing your channel.

But quick summary - 2 questions: Where are your customers? How long does it take to get the channel going?

2) How do you build their trust?
They won’t buy if they don’t trust you.

• So do you send them content?
• Send them to a landing page with testimonials?
• Send them to a video sales letter?

3) How do you get them to buy?
Now you ask them to send you money for your business.

• Do it in your welcome sequence when they sign up for email?
• Send them an offer in private message?
• Get on the phone to give them an offer?

So list out the steps that you need to do to get customers through one channel.

Let’s do a simple system together: LinkedIn warm outreach.

To do LinkedIn warm outreach you need a few steps:
1) Find ideas
2) Draft post
3) Post to linkedin
4) Reach out to target customers who engage
5) Send an offer

I used FigJam below to visualize the process.

If you’re struggling to come up with these steps, ask ChatGPT to give you a first pass.

The 5 step process for LinkedIn warm outreach

So how do you build these systems yourself? Let’s get into it:

🧔🏻‍♂️ Brian’s nerdy side rant:
When strangers hear about you on different channels, they have different baseline levels of trust.

Extreme example:

TikTok: Lowest trust
YouTube: Highest trust

So depending on HOW people find out about you, you’ll need to add in more (or less) trust builders into your system.

So how do I do these systems for myself?

A lot of what I do as a CMO is build marketing systems for business owners.

Once they cross $3M in revenue businesses struggle to grow without proper marketing systems.

And they can get pretty complicated.

So I’ll show you my own internal systems.

I’ll show you my own funnel as an example:

My own marketing funnel

So how do I maintain quality?

Each step in the process I have a procedure in Notion (I’ll use my content system as an example):

Here’s the detailed how-tos so my team can run the content systems

Then each part of the system has a detailed step-by-step guide. Includes a video explanation and steps.

I’ll use the LinkedIn review as an example.

This is an example of one specific how-to for my content system

Then whenever I catch a problem with quality, I update the procedure to fix it, then send a message to my team to train them on the update.

That way, I can still be a control freak. While we scale with quality.

Want your systems to look like mine?

I help business owners build their marketing systems to scale their business.

If you’d like to scale your digital marketing, let’s chat. I’ll guide you through your first steps (for free).

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