How to articulate why you're amazing

Get customers to wonder how they've lived without you

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Hey there - it’s Brian 👋

Customers don’t buy when it takes effort to understand why you’re their best option.

So today, I’ll guide you through the basics on how to make your business value quickly clear to customers.

We’ll cover:

1. How to create your core value statement
2. Find your big ideas in your core value
3. Explain them in different ways
4. Share ideas so customers see it

Let’s get you customers!

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My mission is to make your business so obviously valuable to customers that they wonder how they’ve lived without you.

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Customers need to understand why you’re their best option (to buy quickly)

How many times do you need to hear an idea before it was said in just the right way to give you that “ah-ha” moment?

Let’s create that “ah-ha” moment for your customers.


First, create a clear reason why you’re the best option to solve their pain. Then say that reasoning a bunch of different ways. Each way you say it will create an “ah-ha” moment for different customers.

There’s 4 steps to getting customers to understand how valuable you are:
1) Create your core value statement
2) Break that value down into several big ideas
3) Phrase those big ideas in different formats
4) Distribute the big ideas to your customers

I’ll walk you through each step: 👇

The Value Distribution Flow

How to articulate what makes you valuable

First step: explain what makes you valuable (simply).

This is harder than you think!

Most founders I speak with are passionate about their business. That passion makes it hard to put into words what makes them so valuable (in a way that customers will understand).

Why? Founders think about their solution all day. Customers may never have thought about it.

So let’s translate founder/business owner passion to something a customer will quickly understand.

To do that, answer these 4 questions. I’ve gone into detail on how in previous issues so I’ll link the details below:

1) What’s the one customer you focus on?

2) What’s the problem?

List of customer interview questions (to understand their pain)

3) What’s your solution?

Explain what your solution is.

4) How is your solution better than all their other options?

A few weeks ago I shared a guide on how to create your value statement so I won’t go into details here. Here’s the previous issue walking you through how to create your value statement.

How to explain your value in different ways

Next step - you talk about different parts of what makes you so valuable.

Each customer will resonate with a different reason that gives them that “ah-ha” moment when they wonder how they’ve lived without you.

So list the different reasons that they need you in their life. Here’s 4 categories that will get them thinking (list 3 - 5 reasons within each category):

1) Pain

Create messaging that reminds customers how painful their problem is.

These ideas will get customers to realize that you understand their pain.

2) Dream Outcome

Get customers inspired to imagine what life would be like without their pain. Have them visualize how amazing life would be if they use your solution.

3) Why their options today stink

Help customers understand that other solutions have flaws. Get them to understand the negative impact of those flaws (and why they shouldn’t settle).

4) Why your method is the new way

Now share what makes your method is the best. Get customers to realize that your method will help them achieve their dreams and remove their pains.

Show (don’t tell) your value in different ways

For each big idea you listed in the previous section you’ll want to say the same big idea in different formats to resonate with different customers:
• Tell a story about the dream outcome
• Share a stat about how bad the pain is
• Show mistakes that people make with other solutions

Check out the image below for 12 different ways to show your big ideas:

Different ways to explain your big idea (from Dickie Bush)

How to distribute your big ideas to get you customers

So how do we make sure customers see these ideas?

Here’s 3 ways to reach your customers (and the type of messaging you target for each):

1) Social Platforms

This is my favorite to use as the core of your messaging strategy. For two reasons:

Best for finding new customers:
When you post, the algorithm shares your content widely. Last week, I got 1.6M people to see my brand with one post (for $0)!

Fastest feedback loop:
Quickly find which message converts the most customers. You get feedback by using “likes” and “comments” as votes towards which big idea is making customers more passionate about your solution.

But one major downside to social platforms:

The algorithm that makes socials so great at spreading your messages to new customers, is horrible for reaching your current customer base.

So here’s your strategy:

Use social platforms to test which big ideas work and find new customers.

Then, move your customers to a place without an algorithm where you can build a relationship with them. A platform such as… 👇

2) Email

When you send an email you know exactly how many inboxes your message will hit.

Email is where you build a deeper relationship with your community. Your email list contains the people most passionate about your solution so you can dive deeper into your big ideas.

Action you can take:

Send unique, insightful, and actionable ideas to your email list. Build goodwill by making your customer’s life easier, every time they see your email. Here’s a guide on how you share valuable ideas.

3) Web Pages

The type of content you pout on your web pages depends where the customers are coming from!

To show two extreme examples:

1. Potential customers (from socials)

If on social media you posted an inspirational story related to your niche, those people may not know as much about the solution (or even know they have a problem).

These customers will need more persuasion (e.g., use a story).

2. Your raving fans (from your email list)

Raving fans know they have a problem and are convinced by your solution. You can persuade them with much more direct language.

Recap: 4 steps to quickly persuade customers you have the best solution to their problem

  1. Craft your core value statement

  2. Find your big ideas in your core value

  3. Explain them in different ways

  4. Distribute so customers see it

Reply to this email with any questions on any step of the process and I’ll guide you through it. I’m here to help you.

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