7 AI Marketing Tools

Build marketing systems. Reclaim 10 hours a week

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Hey there - it's Brian 👋

I was drowning.

I was doing too much to promote my business. But not doing it well.

So I had to get control of my life back…

I built systems.

Systems are just the people and tech that do stuff for you.

In my case I hired people. Wrote steps for them to follow. And paired them up with tech to make them superhuman.

I built systems for clients at Deloitte too. I took the same steps I did for clients and did it for myself.

I love systems.

It gave you time to step away. And focus on what moves the needle. While your business still grows.

Because it’s not about how hard you row. It’s what boat you get in.

So today, we’re focused on the tech you can plug into your marketing systems.

We’ll cover 7 AI tools (so you can get back 10 hours a week).

Systems = People + Processes + Tech

Let’s make your business an outlier: 👇

AI has sped up systems forever.

So I’m writing from a coffee shop in Puerto Rico.

It’s nice because next to me are founders with wildly different business models.

Flashback to COVID. Some 3xed their business. Others went to near $0.

Some call this the K-shaped recovery.

AI will be the exact same way.

Some people had record breaking years. Others struggled.

Some businesses will build AI into their systems.

They’ll be able to reach far more people with
• deeper insights
• faster
• at a lower cost

Others will get overwhelmed. They’ll drown in all the noise.

And won’t build the systems until it’s too late.

But honestly… I don’t blame them. It’s hard to keep up with all the changes.

AI tools are overwhelming

I mean just look at how many marketing software tools have been coming out.

Back in 2011 we had 150 marketing tools. But, today… we have 11,038!

Here’s a visual of all the marketing tools.

Can’t read it? Me neither. That’s the point. It’s overwhelming.

BUT. Hidden in these 11,038 tools are a few gems that will get you 10 hours back a week.

11,000+ marketing tools. Can’t read it? Me neither. That’s the point.

Why 10 hours?

Well, before you needed teams of 10 to run these marketing processes. That’s complex.

But today, you just get one assistant running step-by-step instructions on AI tools for you.

You get higher skilled outcomes with less complexity.

Here’s 7 AI tools you can plug into your marketing systems
(to save you 10 hours / week): 👇

🧔🏻‍♂️ Brian’s nerdy side rant:
You won’t get your time back if you run these AI tools yourself.

You need an assistant.

Reply to this email with “assistant” and I’ll help you get set up.

7 AI tools to plug into your marketing systems

1) Worried your AI content won’t pass as human?

It detect parts that don’t feel human.

This way - your team can quickly tell if AI content needs a new prompt.

2) Tried using AI to write blogs (but they feel like a robot)?

It’s blog writing where 70% of the content passes the human test.

More than any other content creation tool.

For the remaining 30%, use this next tool.

3) Parts of your content feel like ChatGPT wrote it?

It re-writes your AI-sounding text to sound more human.

4) Want to make marketing videos (without speaking to camera)?

Use Invideo.

Make faceless videos at scale.

Talking head videos aren’t quite there yet (jump to #6 for the best talking head AI).

In the meantime, you can instantly make faceless videos every week.

5) Want to send personalized sales & onboarding videos (without filming each one)?

Use Potion.

Send personal videos for sales & onboarding.

These videos say the prospect/client’s name at the beginning so it feels more personal.

Screenshot below (couldn’t link the video):

Use Potion for custom sales outreach.

6) Want to make talking head videos (without speaking to a camera)?

Use HeyGen.

If you’re building a brand you need your face in front of it.

But it takes way too much time to make talking head videos at scale. AI will now make your talking head videos.

Without you stepping in front of a camera every week.

Note: AI talking head tech is not quite ready yet. It still looks like AI.

But I’ve included it since it will be transform video content when it’s ready.

I bet it’ll be ready in ~3 months.

Leave a placeholder in your systems for it. You’ll be in a good spot when the tool improves.

7) Want podcasts or voiceovers (without sitting in a studio recording)?

Clone your voice.

I used Eleven Labs to turn my tweets into video content using my voice.

I built a system so someone took my best tweets and sent me 3 videos a week (without any effort on my part).

At the time the voice cloning was not great (check it out).

Now it’s scary good.

Sam Parr (from My First Million podcast) just cloned his voice.

It sounds identical:

The tech is getting impressive fast.

Example system: make video content

Okay let’s put it together now.

Say you want to create video content every week, but don’t want to invest 20 hours a week.

Have one assistant run through these steps for you.

(Just reply “assistant” to this email if you’re not sure how to get one. I’ll set you up.)

Check the end result and iterate.

The system:

  1. Have AI write your script for you (ChatGPT)

  2. Humanize the script (Undetectable.AI)

  3. Read the script in your voice (Eleven Labs)

  4. Turn the script into a video (InVideo)

Lay out step-by-step instructions for one person to run this system.


You have video at scale (with little time on your part).

Worried AI content isn’t as good as hand-made?

AI content has a trade-off.

More volume (so more people see you). You get your time back. But… you lose some control.

I’m a quality control freak.

So I put more checks into the system to keep the quality high.

Don’t look at these tools and think they are fully automated (yet).

But here’s the exciting part…

The speed these tools are improving is INSANE.

With each improvement you spend less and less time checking.

We’re not preparing our businesses for today’s AI.

We’re positioning our business for AI in 6 - 8 months.

Set up the systems today. They’ll upgrade themselves.

Get control of your time again. Scale fast.

So start building AI into your marketing systems to get your time back and scale FAST.

Everyone who doesn’t know what’s going on will get crushed by the wave. You’ll be the one riding it.

Want help building your marketing systems?

Get it right the first time.

I’ll give you feedback on your marketing systems (for free).

Let’s grow your business together.

7 AI Marketing tools (to reclaim 10 hours / week)

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